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Here you can find works on visual music that I created on several media.

films of the 90-ies : they are mostly abstract direct on film works. Films from 2000 on are "digital Motion paintings in image and sound". 3 channel HD video Water Ambiences, 2011-14 and soundscape Water Ambiences, stage design as well as music.(upcoming)

My presentation/lecture and concept "Fractals in Nature" refers to these media.

At present I am working on music.

Works a.o. are:

Stage design Bildklang, 2013

Water Ambiences v.2@2014

HD video, 3 channels, for informations and stills click here

Soundscape (for) Water Ambiences, 2014 an excerpt is on the installation page.

(as background music of the page)

Nov 2015 Projection Artisten for stage design Artisten, theatre piece by Petra Maria Grühn

2018 Ringtones

2018 Percussion1 ringtone

Marimba Groove1 ringtone

Percussion Groove ringtone


link to the 3 Ringtones on Tuunes™

They are also on iTunes worldwide except Germany and Ireland

exhibition, screening :

(Some screenings not listed)

30.March 2019: Feuerhaus in program "Scratch, Paint, Rewind + Art Prison Release" part of program by Steven Woloshen, i.s.m. Extrapool and Kloosterkino /Maarten Gageldonk


Fall 2018 Mondlicht and others at festivals and at Universities- list not complete yet, will be added soon

September 16 Algorithmen in program "Grosses Kino - Kleines Kino" program curated by Milena Gregor

Sept 29th 2018 Mondlicht at Anim'est International Animation Film Festival Romania

program curated by Mihai Mitrica

Oct.5 and 7Th Feuerhaus at Sonoma Film Institue program by CVM curated by Cindy Keefer

7th and 8 th Dec.2018 Feuerhaus in program L´Occhio Nella Mente at medieval castle CASTELLO DI ROCCA SINIBALDA near Rome/Italy

program by CVM / curated by Cindy Keefer


Feuerhaus at Annecy 2018 within program "De Visu" curated by Marcel Jean

Monday 11 June, 21:00-22:05 Bonlieu Petite salle,

Thursday 14 June 19:30-20:35 Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3 Link to program


6. April 2018, 7:00pm Feuerhaus at Block Cinema, Northwestern University, USA

link to the program "Experiments in Form: Cameraless, Hand-Painted and Abstract Films


Exhibition "Kunst am Arbeitsplatz" Editionsbilder

Kooperation Fa. Hirsch und Musikforum


Feuerhaus in Program German Film Panorama

at the Punto y Raya Festival 2016 at ZKM

program curated by Robert Seidel

23.October 2016, 1:00 pm


Algorithmen, Mondlicht, Feuerhaus in Programm "Humour & Facéties | Focus#7"

at the 'Festival des Cinèmas Diffèrents et Experimentaux de Paris' 2016

10. October2016 20:00 Program curated by Laurence Rebouillon, Festival Director


Feuerhaus in Program LABOR Sychronicities at the

International Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg 2016

Program curated by Hanna Nordholt and Fritz Steingrobe

3.June 21:00 Metroplis Kino 4.June 22:00 B-Movie


Projection "Artisten" for theatre piece "Artisten" by Petra Maria Grühn

at Teamtheater Tankstelle, Muenchen, 25.Nov.2015-31.Dec.2015



Bildklang as part of Edition Musikforum 5.-28.July 2016 at Musikforum Viktring 2016

Spiegelung @ 2016 foto 140x40 image commercial work for Gitta and Günter Raml




For more informations on screening exhibition installation and events please visit the presentation page.


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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa35mm filmprints & DVDs


Exhibition KUNST AM ARBEITSPLATZ, 2017, Stage Design BILDKLANG, Baerbel Neubauer, 2013


gallery esc foto: @Baerbel Neubauer, 2014

click in foto or here to get to page installation



stage design Bildklang, B.Neubauer, 2013

click on foto or here to get to page stage design

from left to right: Manfred Paul Westphal, Werner Ueberbacher/top, Brigitte Bidovec, Erich

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