YouTube documentation of Presentation at PYR 2011

link to the press page: press


Upcoming and present screenings and exhibitions:

Nov.25th Washington DC, National Gallery of Art, Algorithmen in program "Color Rhythms": Abstract Animation from Center for Visual Music program curated by CVM, Center for Visual Music


29.November 2022: "Besser Essen", "Rosamunde", "Die Kuckucksuhr" by Baerbel Neubauer within Retrospective of Films by Peter Schreiner ( at the Filmmuseum Vienna, Austria


16. and 17.September 2022 Palmera/Spain Moonlight in Program JARDÍN PARAÍSO /PARADISE GARDEN curated by Andrea Franco


8.November 2022: "Besser Essen", "Rosamunde", "Die Kuckucksuhr" by Baerbel Neubauer within Retrospective of Films by Peter Schreiner ( at the Filmmuseum Vienna, Austria


Melbourne, Australia. ACMI, June 28 and July 5 .Algorithmen in, Oskar's Legacy: Films Influenced by Fischinger. program by Cindy Keefer, Center for Visual Music

16.04.2022 in program "Auf dem Weg" Peter Schreiner - Vorfilm "Mondlicht" Baerbel Neubauer, @1984 at at the Filmmuseum Vienna, Austria

6.02., 11.02., 21.02.2021 Feuerhaus in Program of Contemporary Visual Music curated by CVM, Cindy Keefer, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Yebisu International Festival for Art &Alternative Visions

Nov. 2020 Feuerhaus at The Big Cartoon Festival in Moskow, Program by Masha Tereschenko, Festival Director, presentation on 3rd Nov. 2020

Oct 7th and Oct 10th 2020 Anifest 2020: Algorithmen in CVM Program

"Oskars Legacy: Filmmakers influenced by Fischinger " curated by Cindy Keefer

Nov.2019 Feuerhaus at Kaboom Animation Festival in direct on film program

by Steven Woloshen and Maarten Dageldonk

30.March 2019: Feuerhaus in program "Scratch, Paint, Rewind + Art Prison Release" part of program by Steven Woloshen, i.s.m. Extrapool and Kloosterkino /Maarten Gageldonk

7th and 8 th Dec.2018 Feuerhaus in program L´Occhio Nella Mente at medieval castle CASTELLO DI ROCCA SINIBALDA near Rome/Italy program by CVM / curated by Cindy Keefer

Fall 2018 Mondlicht and others at festivals and at Universities - more details coming.

Feuerhaus at Annecy 2018 within program "De Visu" curated by Marcel Jean

Monday 11 June, 21:00-22:05 Bonlieu Petite salle,

Thursday 14 June 19:30-20:35 Cinéma Pathé Pathé 3 Link to program

6. April 2018, 7:00pm Feuerhaus at Block Cinema, Northwestern University, USA

link to the program "Experiments in Form: Cameraless, Hand-Painted and Abstract Films


"Kunst am Arbeitsplatz" Editionsbilder Bühnenbilder

in Kooperation Fa. Hirsch und



Feuerhaus in Program German Film Panorama at the Punto y Raya Festival 2016 at ZKM program curated by Robert Seidel

23.October 2016, 1:00 pm

Algorithmen, Mondlicht, Feuerhaus in Programm "Humour & Facéties | Focus#7"

at the 'Festival des Cinèmas Diffèrents et Experimentaux de Paris' 2016

10. October2016 20:00 Program curated by Laurence Rebouillon, Festival Director

Feuerhaus in Program LABOR Sychronicities at the International Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg 2016

Program curated by Hanna Nordholt and Fritz Steingrobe 3.June 21:00 Metroplis Kino 4.June 22:00 B-Movie


Screening Retrospective at the Hiroshima 2014 International Animation Festival on August 24th, 11:00, Grand Hall

screening a.o. Fractal Cycles, Water Ambiences v.2

Exhibition Bildklang as part of Edition Musikforum 5.-28.July 2014 at Musikforum Viktring 2014


Screening Roots, Fractal Cycles and Water Ambiences within program on Experimental Abstract Animation by

Vibeke Sorensen, 23., 24., 25.4.2014, 21:00, program in 3 parts, Made In Germany, 23.4.2014,21:00,

at the Stuttgart International Animation Festival 2014


Exhibition - installation Water Ambiences in the gallery esc medien kunst labor, Graz, Austria

Reni Hofmüller, Ilse Weber, directors of esc

Curated by Reni Hofmüller and Ilse Weber

This exhibition takes place thanks to Brigitte Bidovec, who established the connection, and also curated the sound.

23.January - 7.March 2014, screening hours: 16:00-21:00

27.February 2014, 19:00 presentation/lecture "Fractals in Nature"

7.March 2014, 19:00 Finissage


Screening of "Passage" at Reykjavík Visual Music · Punto y Raya Festival, within

program Abstract Animation Austria curated by Thomas Renoldner

2.February 2014, 4:30 p.m.


Screening at HASENHERZ - ODER DIE LUST AM BEWEGTEN BILD UND WORT, Ruth Anderwald, Leonard Grond, 23.Nov 2013 Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten

Screening Firehouse in “naturVision – animiert” program by Ulrich Wegenast at Festival Of Animated Film Stuttgart ´13 26.April.2013, 9pm


Exhibition MUSIKFORUM Viktring -"NEUE WELTEN 2 -"Asia meets Europe meets Asia":

Bühnenbild/stage designs and exhibition BILDKLAENGE 10.-28.July 2013

curated byBrigitte Bidovec, arts promotion & sponsoring, Werner Ueberbacher, director of festival,

Manfred Paul Westphal, director of festival, opening: Foyer Freskensaal 10.July 2013, 18:00


Exhibition Edition Musikforum, director Manfred Paul Westphal, at Galerie Walker

Bildklang, Baerbel Neubauer, 2013

as part of a series of 6 images Edition Musikforum:

Images by Alois Köchl, Bella Ban, Baerbel Neubauer, Pepo Pichler, Wolfgang Walkensteiner.

7.July-24.August 2013


Exhibition Water Ambiences in program at NTU. ADM, Innovation Centre Gallery, Singapore. curated by Vibeke Sorensen

11.-14.10.2012 aaa

Screening Firehouse in “Lesson of cinema - "les plaisirs de l'animation abstraite"” by Marcel Jean at RICA Wissembourg 20.11.2012

Screening Retrospective at Festival of Croatian Animated Films 2012 24. - 25.3.2012


Exhibition Fractal Cycles at Arte Accessibile Milano 13.04.2012 and 14.04.2012

Bärbel Neubauer | guest artist at  AAM 2012 | Video section

Fractal Cycles curated by Pier Giorgio Giraudo / Massimiliano Bisazza a

video section curated by Mariella Casile

Sala Collina| Spazio Eventiquattro - Gruppo 24 Ore, via Monte Rosa 91, Milano, Italy


On Vimeo: PYR festival trailer and PYR documentation of retrospective


Screening Holiday as part of program for childeren "Back to Basics by Center for Visual Music at SFMOMA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 4.March 2012


Exhibition Water Ambiences v.0 screening as part of "Expanded Abstraction",

a special 3-screen program from Center for Visual Music, v.0 was made for this

28.7.2011-16.2.2012 at LA County Museum of Art, Los Angeles


Exhibition Flockenspiel III & IV curated by Pier Giorgio Giraudo part of "Le Farfalle" Ritratti di donne in un Simposio di tecniche. exhibition on a boat, 9 December 2011 - 9 February 2012, Famiglia Margini, Scimmie on the Boat, Milano

Exhibition curated by Grace Zanotto, Massimiliano Bisazza & Pier Giorgio Giraudo.


Screening Retrospective at Punto Y Raya Festival, Madrid: 4.Nov.2011, Reina Sofia Museum.

In cooperation with Goethe Institute Madrid On Vimeo: festival trailer and PYRdocumentation of retrospective


Fractal Cycles at Kescemèt Animation Film Festival: Fractal Cycles in Bonus Panorama Programme


In Persona program at the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2011


Animateka International Animation Film Festival, Moonlight in "retrospective of anvantgarde animation"

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2010 screening of Moonlight


Exhibition Firehouse in "Zelluloid - Film ohne Kamera", exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt 2.June-29.August 2010


Anifest 2010 screening of Fractal Cycles

Olomouc International Festival of Science and Documentary Film 2010: presentation - lecture and screening - "Fractal Cycles"

2009 Anifest in Teplice screening and workshop "Fractals in Nature", Bärbel Neubauer

Evolution Festival in Leeds, England, atistic director Lucy Dusgate, retrospective films by Baerbel Neubauer

Musilhaus Klagenfurt, Austria: Kleines Filmseminar: retrospective and presentation "Fractals in Nature",

program curated by Horst Dieter Sihler, in cooperation with GAV and Musil-Institute

"Contemporary Abstract Animation and Visual Music", screening of Morphs of Pegasus, program by Cindy Keefer,

at Recat Theatre, Los Angeles

2008 UB Department of Digital Media presentation - screening and lecture - in collaboration with Vibeke Sorensen

RISD presentation - screening and lecture - in collaboration with Amy Kravitz

smfa screening in collaboration with Joel Frenzer

Series "Musik/Bild/Magie" curated by Maria Morata, Arsenalkino Berlin, screening of Flockenspiel and Feuerhaus

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